Trust is the foundation of the coach/athlete relationship. Experience the values of clear communication, competency, commitment, compassion, consistency, and a human connection.


No limits. Training session feedback, weekly video calls, text, voice, in person training and performance evaluations where available.

Individualized Strategy

No two athletes have the same needs. Your goals, body, experience and life demands are unique.  We identify and leverage your strengths, develop on your weaknesses to achieve your potential.


Coaching that doesn't break the bank. No up-front fee, reasonable monthly fee and no penalty for termination. Contact for terms.

Training Plan

Tailored to your needs and goals, your plan is phased to focus on progressive development to have you in peak performance for your "A" race.

No-Guess Testing

Confidence at the start line.  We test all aspects of your preparations regularly to measure progress and adjust training as needed to reach your target nutrition, endurance, speed and form.


Brady Nelson


" Coach Soares took me from someone who struggled to complete sprint distance triathlons to finishing an Ironman. He used his experience and science-based principles to make me the fastest and healthiest athlete I could be. He did so while enabling me to maintain a heathy balance in all of my life's responsibilities. I would highly recommend Rich as a coach for athletes of all abilities."

Amy Miller


"I had no hesitation wanting to have Rich as my coach - he is well informed, does detailed research on all things triathlon and has a wealth of knowledge that he customizes to fit your needs and goals. His style is positive, encouraging and he is a man of integrity. What you see is what you get - and with Rich that is A LOT. "

Matt Emmit


My time invested with Rich has been truly amazing. His methodology to triathlon training combined with unique, personal support will absolutely benefit any athlete’s race preparation. I have been so appreciative of EVERYTHING he has done for me. Rich will bring out your very best and redefine what’s possible for your goals. 

Train informed

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